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FREE pattern - Puff Stitch Lanyard

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Yarn scraps, half balls of yarn, extra yarn - this is the story of my life and my craft area! Most projects leave left over yarn that we always say we're going to use but almost never do. I know I've been victim of the dye lot disaster so many times that I can't always say I'll just use it in the next project. My good friend Lindsay, who makes beautiful pottery, asked me if I could make her a lanyard. I had never done one before and thought this would be PERFECT to use up my scraps. Specifically, my Lion Brand 24/7 cotton scraps so it would be strong and washable. (Being in Canada I purchase a lot of my yarn from Yarn Canada online.)

So, I thought I would post my pattern for this lanyard here for free! I hope you enjoy using up your scraps! Please tag me on Instagram @stitchedbysarahs and use the hashtag #puffstitchlanyard so I can see what you make!


- 4mm crochet hook

- approx. 43 yards of weight 4/worsted weight yarn (cotton suggested but not necessary)

- scissors

- yarn needle

- 1" (25mm) d ring or round key ring (with a lobster clasp is optional) - I tagged Amazon options for both


- gauge is not critical as you can adjust the pattern to be any length you'd like by chaining a small or larger amount of stitches

- this lanyard measures 16.5"/42 cm long when folded in half


fsc - foundation single crochet

ch - chain

hdc - half double crochet

hdc4tog - puff stitch - yo insert hook into stitch pull up a loop (four times), yo pull through all 9 loops on your hook **note: do not chain 1 to close puff, we will close the puff with the hdc in the next stitch

sts - stitches

sl st - slip stitch


Row 1: With your 4mm hook, fsc 125 sts.

Place the key ring on your chain and then join with a sl st in the round being careful not to twist your chain.

Foundation single crochet chain.

Join in the round after sliding on the key ring.

Row 2: ch 1, hdc in the first 5 sts, *hdc4tog, hdc* repeat from * to * all the way around until six sts remain, hdc4tog, hdc in the last 5 sts and join with a sl st to the first hdc. (Double check that your work is not twisted again before joining here) (125 sts) **note - as you work the puff stitch you are working on the WRONG SIDE of the project. The puff stitches will appear on the front of the work.

Puff Stitch

Row 3: ch 1, sc around and join with sl st to first sc and break yarn leaving a tail for securing the lanyard to the ring (125 sts)


Secure the ring with a running stitch through the lanyard just above the ring.

Bring the key ring to rest at the place where we joined each round. This will be the bottom of the lanyard.

Weave in the end from the chain first.

Make sure your work is facing the right side on the ring and take your needle and remaining end of yarn and make a running stitch through both straps just above the ring to secure the ring in place. This way it won't move up and down the lanyard and become tangled. Avoid wrapping the yarn around the edges of the work but just insert needles to the back and then to the front of both straps going through the work. Weave in your final end on the inside of your work.

That's it!

Feel free to play with this pattern - so many stitch count and stitch variations you can work with it!

Thanks for following along! I hope you enjoy making your own Puff Stitch Lanyard!

Don't forget to tag me on Instagram @stitchedbysarahs and use the hashtag #puffstitchlanyard so I can see what you make!

Sarah Smith


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