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Quick as a "WIP" Infinity Scarf - Free Pattern

I sat down one night with one ball of yarn and tried to think of something I could make fairly quickly that would have a classic look for my product line this fall/winter season. There are so many cowl/scarf patterns that I absolutely love, (including my Sundry Cowl *wink wink*) but 'time is money' - as they say - so I needed something quick. Market season prep is in full swing, so hopefully this pattern will help you prep, too! It will help bust some of your stash, too, using only one skein of Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick.

I went with the garter stitch for a few reasons. It's such an enjoyable knit without having to really concentrate too hard as you work through the project. It also looks the same on each side of the project which I think is important when making an infinity scarf. Specifically for when it's wrapped twice around the neck for a cowl appearance, there will be no glaring wrong side showing. Lastly, it wears so comfortably as it is flexible and oh so squishy!


- 1 skein of Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick in the 106 yards (not all skeins have the same yardage) or approximately 106 yards of super bulky (6) weight yarn

- US 19/15 mm knitting needles - either straight or circular will work

- darning needle

- scissors


7 stitches x 12 rows = 4" x 4"

Final Measurements:

21" long when folded in half (seamed together)

7" wide

*Note: This pattern can be made as short or as long as desired. Just note that it will affect the yardage needed to complete the project.*


CO - cast on

BO - bind off

K - knit

K1tbl - knit next stitch through back of loop

Sl1P - slip next stitch purlwise

Video Aids:

For seaming the CO and BO edges together please refer to this YouTube tutorial:


CO 14 using the long tail CO method

Row 1: K across until last stitch remains, Sl1P

Row 2: K1tbl, K across until last stitch remains, Sl1P

A clean edge is created by slipping the last stitch of every row and knitting in the back of the loop for the first stitch in every row.

Repeat Row 2 until your scarf measures approximately 42". You will knit until you have used almost the entire ball of yarn with about 3 feet left for BO row and seaming. If for some reason your project is measuring less that 40" you will need to add more yarn for a comfortable fit when worn wrapped twice around the neck for the cowl look.

BO 14

Use the remaining tail of yarn to seam the two ends together referring to the video link and photo aid here. You will be inserting your needle under the two bars that make the "v" from the CO row and BO row.

Where to insert your needle when seaming the ends together.

Weave in all ends.

I hope you enjoy your new infinity scarf! I'd love to see your scarves on Instagram. Be sure to tag me @stitchedbysarahs and use the hashtag #quickasawipinfinityscarf so I can see what your have made! I would love to share your work on my social media platforms.


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